What’s In Provo Craft’s Cricut Mystery Box?

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Update: It's called the Cricut Gypsy! Click the link as we have a whole post about the new Gypsy and its features.


Well, in case you haven't noticed yet, the guys down at Provo Craft have a new gizmo cooking up in their labs. You better believe that it will be pretty awesome once it comes out if their previous releases prove anything! July 27th is the big day for the release, and each day they are releasing more and more clues as to what this device is. What do you think this new Provo Craft Cricut mystery device is? Well, below are the clues we have so far, and our thoughts on what each of them reveal. Please feel free to pitch in and share your thoughts and ideas!

• This thing's touchy but it never gets mad
Clearly the new Provo Craft surprise is going to be a pocket handheld device with some kind of touch screen on it. Possibly some kind of Cricut netbook or something.

• Roam if you want to, roam around the world
Roam...ing? As in a phone? Could this device be Provo Craft's answer to the iPhone?

• You may have to power down during takeoff
More proof that this device just might be a phone, or at least have some kind of wi fi internet access.

• Colors, shapes, designs. Oh, My!
Of course this handheld device is going to let you do some sort of art work via its touch screen.

• Now you can create on the go, anywhere
Possibly it will hook up to the Cricut in some way so you can design your own custom art on the go and get it printed by your machine when you get home.

• Carry all your cartridges at once!
Hmm... how is it going to know what cartridges you already own? Possibly because you will download them off the internet instead of buying the actual physical cartridges? Yet more evidence that this device will hook up to your Cricut in some way.

• Power it on and you're on a design roadtrip
Hopefully it doesn't have the same overheating issues that the new iphone 3GS is having...

• The crop will be redefined
Crop... as in cropping a picture? Not sure what to make of this one...

• This thing knows how to easily locate all your art
Gotta have internet access then, and probably some kind of online storage space for you to store and display to your friends. Do I smell an online Cricut Social Network Community sponsored by Provo Craft?

• Like doing things your way? You'll love this
Again, more hinting towards custom Cricut designs and shapes. This has been many people's greatest complaint about their Expression machines: the lack of the ability to create customized die cuts.

• Cricut designs no longer require a mouse
Because it's a touch screen!

• Designed to become one with your hand
Hmm... at first I thought this was just because it was handheld like an iPhone... but then I got to thinking about how cool it would be if they actually used your whole hand as part of the device. Like a Cricut glove... Maybe that's just from watching too much science fiction lately.

• Sleek, smart, sexy. Imagine when you turn it on.
Ya ya ya, so's my iPhone. I'm not saying you guys at Cricut HQ can't beat that, just saying you've got a lot to live up to.

Well that's it for the clues so far, we'll be updating from time to time with the new clues and our thoughts. But that's enough of us! What do you think? What's in the mystery box?

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