QuicKutz Silhouette SD Is A Step Ahead

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QuicKutz has been providing the right tools for everyone from the experienced art project designer to the first- time crafter. And now QuicKutz is a step ahead in this technologically advancing world with the introduction of the Silhouette SD. This is a superior digital cutting tool for individual use, and operates much like a personal printer. The difference being that QuicKutz Silhouette uses a blade to cut the material and create hundreds of thousands of designs!

One feature of the Silhouette system is that it plugs directly into your PC, so all of the designs and fonts are digitalized. The software included with the Silhouette enables you to create custom cuts and alphabets, and you can use the fonts or outlines already installed on your personal computer. Also you have access to thousands of creative shapes, patterns, and fonts accessible through the Silhouette online website. If you choose to purchase a subscription to the online store, you will have unlimited access to download special shapes. Without subscribing, each individual design is only 99¢. Also through the Silhouette software you will find images that will synchronize with stickers, papers, and embellishments from many of your other favorite craft companies.

QuicKutz Sihouette SD On Sale

QuicKutz 2 Two Replacement Silhouette Cutting Mats
QuicKutz 2 Two Replacement Silhouette Cutting Mats
Paypal   250.99
QuicKutz 2 Two Replacement Silhouette Cutting Mats

More QuicKutz Sihouette Features

The Silhouette SD was built with strong durable materials built to last, and deliver perfect results for your crafting needs. The Silhouette can slice through vinyl to create a variety of ornaments for home décor. Also the Silhouette is handy and cost-cutting in making anything in vinyl from name plates, storage labels, or auto decals. It can also cut through other materials such as cardstock, felt, foam, art foil, paper stock, and more.

QuicKutz Silhouette is also perfect for school projects. Even children can use this digital cutting tool to create beautiful designs for art projects. Or cut out project titles and headers for a sharp looking design for a presentation board. The Silhouette guarantees a unique individualized look for your scrapbooking, paper crafting, and card making projects. The fine details that can be created are even suitable for making elegant invitations to a wedding or formal event.

The Silhouette features the capability to use Silhouette heat transfer material which irons onto clothing or other fabric, so you can design your own t-shirts or team flags. You can even cut rhinestone templates then use Silhouette brand heat transfer rhinestones to add artistic flare and styles to clothing or paper projects. With a QuicKutz Silhouette SD, the Silhouette online store that is constantly updated with hundreds of new creative designs, and a little imagination, there is no end to the artistic crafting possibilities!

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