Cuttlebug Machine

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The CuttleBug machine is a specially designed die cutting system which allows anyone to make some interesting designs, shapes and letters irregardless of their artistic ability. If you have even thought about doing some scrap booking but the costs of those precut letters, shapes and embossed paper just seem too much to bear, then do not worry because the CuttleBug die machine is capable of doing all of this for you and more.

CuttleBug Machines On Sale

Blue Cricut Cuttlebug Embossing Machine 2002298
Blue Cricut Cuttlebug Embossing Machine 2002298
Paypal   49.99
Blue Cricut Cuttlebug Embossing Machine 2002298

What A Cuttlebug Will Do For You

While some serious enthusiasts of the scrap booking hobby have gone out of their way to get a cricut machine and various templates, they still are unable to do any form of embossing with it. Of course then again, many people have chosen to get a template driven cutting system which allows them to cut out the shapes and letters they need with a very sharp knife and without the hassles of the added expenses of purchasing precut pieces or using a cricut machine. There are even specially designed cutting die machines available out there that allows you and your children to get involved in the hobby of scrap booking. However, none of these alternatives are also capable of embossing like the CuttleBug machine is.

When you choose to get the CuttleBug machine, not only are you choosing a specially designed die based cutting system that will allow you to quickly cut almost any shape or letter you can think of; assuming you have the right die for that shape or letter. But this device also comes complete with the optional embossing dies which will allow you to actually emboss paper or paper board without actually cutting through it.

Just think of all of the possibilities that will be available to you when you choose to make use of the CuttleBug machine. There are a number of different types of dies to choose from which includes specially designed embossing dies, shaped dies for cutting animals or any number of inanimate objects, as well as lettering dies which will allow you to cut out letters in many different fonts.

Of course you cannot simply purchase the CuttleBug machine and expect to do all of this, but it does come with a great starter pack to get you going. From there though, you will need to purchase different dies depending on what your needs are. There are however, so many different dies to choose from that makes selecting the CuttleBug one of the best options for arts and crafts hobbyists anywhere.