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Now you can hook your Cricut up to your computer and open up an even larger world of craft possibilities. It's so easy to use, and simple to set up. You will be whizzing away playing with all the new features that Provo Craft has packed into their already amazing machines. Just plug the USB cables in that come with the adorable little bug on the front, install the software, and away you go! If you want to really take your arts and crafts to the next level, then you absolutely need the new Cricut software!

New Cricut Design Studio Software!

NEW Cricut Expression Die Cutting Machine 12
NEW Cricut Expression Die Cutting Machine 12" x 24" Design Studio
Paypal   349.99
NEW Cricut Expression Die Cutting Machine 12

Craftwork has never been so easy with the Cricut Design studio which is now available for the designer art enthusiasts. In this program you will find the presence of almost all the different kinds of cartridges which will help in your work. Since there are many cartridges in the program you can choose any one in the cutting work. If your time is limited you can take the idea from the users of this design studio. You will find many users who are willingly permitting use of their design patterns. For the beginners of this work it is better to take the ideas of other creative minds and you will find many such ideas from the official website of Cricut.

You can maneuver the manner and shapes of the letters with the Cricut Design studio prior the cutting. The user of this program can join different letters together so that a unique solitary cutting can be formed. Now you don’t have to paste one letter with another and thus mush time can be saved. Provocraft created the great Cricut cutting machine and the Cricut Design Studio was also developed by them. Through this software numerous art lovers have found a new horizon to show their creativity. But you must not forget to update the program from the website of Cricut. Through such update the software will get the repair of any bug affecting the program.

At the same time you will get the new cartridges those are released added to your software. To employ this beautiful software you have to connect the Cricut machine to your computer system through the USB port. Next installing the software is not at all tough. And with the completion of the installation now you can easily enjoy the craft work with lots of passion. The greatest advantage of this software is that the user is not limited to any one particular design of cartridge. You can now put the different designs and images from the various options from the Cricut Design studio cartridges and create a new drawing of your own.

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cricut-teal-expression-2-machine-w -library-&-chalkboard-fonts-cartridges

Cheap Cricut Cardridge!

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    i love my expression and am looking for ways to optimize it’s use

  2. Check out the sure cuts a lot software, it’s pretty cool since it lets you use your own designs and make your own shapes. You’re not limited by the cartridges that you own.

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