Cricut Expression Vinyl Lettering: Cutting and Applying

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cricut-expression-vinylIf you are looking for a new Cricut Expression project or idea, why not consider doing some Vinyl lettering on your Cricut? Making adhesive wall vinyl shapes, designs, and letters is a great way to decorate your house and your kids bedrooms.

Don't worry about the vinyl dulling your Cricut Expression cutting blades either, in fact many people have had to dial the pressure back so that it doesn't ripple and damage the material itself. There are so many cool options that using vinyl opens up to you. From inspirational phrases on your office walls to welcoming messages in your kitchen and bedrooms. You can smile every morning as you enjoy your cup of coffee and read off the inspirational quotations you have put up around your house.

cricut-expression-vinyl-projectsWith a little creativity you could easily make your kitchen and dining room every bit as trendy as Starbucks! Get yourself a single cup coffee maker that brews Starbucks coffee and it will be just like you are in your very own personal cafe!

How To Cut Vinyl using the Cricut Expression Machine

First you put the vinyl sheet on your cutting mat and load it into the the Expression machine. Make sure you are using the correct cutting mat size! You cut the vinyl numbers or letters just like you were cutting paper, no need to dial up the pressure at all. Blade depth should be 6 and the pressure can be 2-3 depending on the kind of vinyl. Lay out your design and press cut... it’s that simple. If you are using static vinyl, then it won’t be sticky nor will it stick to walls. The adhesive vinyl will peel off nicely. The paper cut settings will give the vinyl a “kiss cut” which will cut the material without cutting through the backing.

Applying Vinyl Lettering With Transfer Tape

Next you can take your transfer tape (if you are using this) and place it gently over the freshly cut shapes. Once you have the tape correctly positioned burnish the tape with an applicator stick with overlapping strokes beginning in the center.

Applying the Vinyl should always be done on a clean and dry wall or surface. Make sure the cleaner you use doesn’t leave a film or residue! Gently position the transfer tape and vinyl where you want it first to make sure it’s in the correct position. Once it’s there just use your applicator stick one more time to burnish the transfer tape with overlapping strokes. Finally you gently pull back the tape at a forty five degree angle while being careful that the vinyl doesn’t start peeling away with it. If it does, put the tape back and burnish away. :)

Applying Cricut Vinyl Without Transfer Tape

Applying Cricut Expression Vinyl cuts without transfer tape is as simple as peel and stick. It’s good to use a guideline of some sort, whether it’s your husbands laser level or a pencil mark on your walls. Carefully peel the stickers off and apply them. Once you are done, you can use the vinyl lining/backing and put it against the lettering on the wall. Use your applicator stick to burnish this and press the vinyl firmly into place without damaging the actual cuts.

Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a nice warm cup of coffee or tea!

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