Cricut Expression 2 Review

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The Cricut has been around for 5 years now, and with it, Provocraft has turned the scrapbooking world on its head! Now, in honor of the 5th anniversary of the Cricut, the crafting geniuses are unveiling the new Cricut Expression 2!

Cricut Expression 2 Features

What makes the Cricut 2 special? Quite a bit actually!

Now, they are featuring a full color touch screen on the Cricut Expression 2, no more keyboard overlays, and more importantly- no more loosing your overlays! Also, the new Expression 2 has a LED light that shines on the paper so you can see what it’s cutting as it cuts. There is also a new port on the front that will let you use Cricut Imagine image cartridges and Cricut Imagine Font cartridges as well! The new Cricut Expression 2 also will let you save special settings for cutting things like vinyl and cardstock, so you don’t have to re-enter your settings every single time you want to change medium when cutting shapes. Also, the new Expression uses wi-fi for transmitting data, so you don’t need to use those pesky plugs and cords anymore!

Essentially, the Cricut Expression is everything you love about the Imagine and the original Expression wrapped into one package. It has received a huge update with wi-fi and color touch screen support, and it’s gotten a sexy makeover too! The Cricut Expression 2 release date will be April 26th, and it will be a limited edition item, so if you want one, you had better hop to it! We’ll be sharing our in depth reviews, as well as the best Cricut Expression 2 sales, deals, and discounts we can find!

Note: The Cricut E 2 does NOT print like the Cricut Imagine, it only cuts. So if you have a Cricut Imagine already, you probably don't need to rush and buy one of these when they are hot off the presses.

Cricut Craftroom

Additionally, many users will be excited about this, Provocraft is launching a new online design website called Cricut Craftroom. It will work on a PC AND ON A MAC!! Access to the site will be free, and we are sure it will provide ways to share your creations and meet new likeminded scrappers! Finally, a real social network for scrapbookers!

Cricut Expression 2 Preview Video

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