Coluzzle Cutting System

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If you are a big fan of scrap booking and have contemplated time and time again, purchasing a cricut machine; but do not have the resources or do not want to spend all of that money, then perhaps what you are in need of is the Coluzzle Cutting System from the folks over at Provo Crafts.

Coluzzle Cutting System For Sale

Coluzzle Swivel Knife & Score Tool - New In Package
Coluzzle Swivel Knife & Score Tool - New In Package
Paypal   9.99
Coluzzle Swivel Knife & Score Tool - New In Package

What Does The Coluzzle Do?

For a long time now, home hobbyists have been turning to Provo for some of the best designs in arts and crafts tools. They are always coming out with something new that just makes doing arts and crafts a lot easier and more enjoyable. One of those items is the Coluzzle Cutting system which is a very unique, template driven cutting system which allows you to cut out the shapes that you are in need of for completing your scrap booking project.

They offer a number of tools and many great templates to choose from which makes cutting out paper and thin board a lot easier of a job to accomplish. Sure you can always pull out the scissors and cut all of these shapes and letter by hand in order to complete your project, but it does after all take a long tie to cut this way; not to mention it can be painful on the hands when you cut for too long.

Start yourself off right with the Coluzzle starter kit which comes with all of the basic essentials that you need to get started. From there make sure that you always have a good knife on hand as well as plenty of their specialized templates so that you can make just about anything.

You will definitely like having the Coluzzle cutting system around to help make those scrap booking projects a lot easier to accomplish. And while it may not be fully automatic like the cricut machines are, the amount of cost savings you get will continue to add up as the templates are a lot cheaper then the cartridges. Of course eventually you will come to a point where you will need to get a cricut machine, but until that point arrives, be glad knowing that the Coluzzle cutting system is available for you to make use of.

In the end, choosing to get the Coluzzle cutting system is a decision based on cost and time savings with regards to not only scrap booking, but also many other forms of arts and crafts that require specially cut shapes and lettering.